Miss Moore #3



Prints: Endura Lustre or Royal Paper.

Reproduction print

Skillfully Crafted and Evocative of a Stylized yet Minimalist Aesthetic; which in-turn Shows a Seminal Talent for Achieving his Pursuit of Passion and Method in a Modern and Influential Pictorial. 9″ x 12″ (actual size) acrylic on canvas


My name is Peter J Lidstone I am a full-time Artist offering Reproduction Prints from 12 of my Favorite Paintings, Produced in 2017. These High-Quality Reproductions are Printed from Digital Masters with Absolute Clarity. Whether in your Home, at the Office or in the Closet…they will bring not only Color but Focus and Interest to any Wall Space.

From Deep Blue Impressionist Seascapes and Tropical Island Beaches to Abstract Forms and Figures; these Paintings Evoke not only an Ocean of Light and Colors but also Represent a Unique Blend of Acrylic Wall Art not seen in any other Pictures. High-Resolution Prints, Limited Editions. Signed, and Personalized. best wishes. Peter J Lidstone



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